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  • How I Blog For My Business

    Originally published at I’m not a problogger by any stretch of the imagination, I blog to support the WordPress Technical Support business I run here at WPDude. After four years of blogging I’ve been able to switch off all paid advertising and support a team of two (soon to be three techies) in more work […]

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  • A Digital Investment For Your Kids

    This post was originally published at Many people are more than happy to squirrel away tens of thousands in investments for their kids education, but are you also thinking about digital investments for their futures? I own (live) and (currently parked).   I bought and host these domains for my daughters as a digital investment for their future. […]

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  • Earn Back Time

    I was reading an excellent book recently by Colin Wright called Start a Freedom Business.  In it he talks about not only earning money from your business but earning back time.  It’s well worth a read, and at 77p for the Kindle edition it’s a steal. In this post I want to talk about business design for […]

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  • Password Protect Your Time

    I want to talk about  the idea of password protecting your time. If you are with me for the long haul you are going to hear me bleat on about time a lot, I’ll say it again, but a solopreneur has limited time, use it well and guard it from time bandits (completely unrelated link to the Time […]

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  • Kiss My A.R.S

    The limiting factor of all solopreneurs is time.   There is only you, and you have a constant amount of time. If like me you don’t want to take on staff to create more available time in your business you have to use the constant of time in more efficient ways.  I’m  not talking about some anal […]

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  • Free Range Human

    I came across a term in a book recently that really struck a chord with me, and that is the idea of a free range human.  I know I’m free range organic, what are you? A thousand apologies to the author, I cannot find which book it came from to credit your idea, if anyone […]

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  • The Right Sized Business

    Get big or go home!  I’m calling bullshit on that idea right now.  What is our western culture’s obsession with large business? As a solopreneur I think you should be looking to rightsize your business not scale it so large it becomes a beast on your back or have it too small that it cannot […]

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  • Recipe: The Three Hour Business

    Here’s a great little recipe for starting a business in three hours or less. Ingredients 1 laptop or other suitable computer 1 paypal account 1 domain name 1 budget hosting Expertise (your thing) 1 skype account 3 hours of your time Method Map your domain name (it should match your great idea in some way) […]

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